Hollerith Anomaly Object

Anomaly Object in the Chronos Cluster

Hollerith Anomaly
Image from Steve Bowers

An Anomaly Object, this semi-sentient nebula is inhabited by slow-moving nanotech entities apparently left behind by an unknown advanced alien race. The race, colloquially known as the Hollerithians, appear to have transcended fairly completely at some point in the last three to five million years (estimate based on the spread due to galactic rotation.) Because of the self-assembling element recycling nature of the nanecology, a more accurate dating is virtually impossible.

The Hollerithians left behind a volume where energy apparently discharges from temporary quantum wormholes and the Hollerith sub-entities themselves. The Hamilton and Eden institutes have each sent an expedition, and the Daharrans put some religious significance on it, but it is so far away from real civilisation that it has not been studied with the attention it deserves.

This anomaly is probably associated with the relatively nearby Tesla Anomaly, another artificial nebula, although there are no identifiable technological links between the two phenomena.

The Tesla Anomaly in the Chronos Cluster

Tesla anomaly
Image from Steve Bowers
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Text by HÃ¥kan Andersson
Initially published on 23 September 2000.