An ordinary, undistinguished human, usually a nearbaseline

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An ordinary, undistinguished human, usually a nearbaseline; the average citizen (Zar). Typically there is an implication of mediocrity, of an individual who has no notable achievements or talents. According to local usage this may simply be a descriptive term, especially as applied to populations (for instance, the most common variety of human nearbaseline is designated H. sapiens plebus). Often, though, as used by nonhumans or by Hider, colonist, or other "independent" humans it may be intended as an insult, implying that the target of the slight shows a lack of intelligence and initiative, and has general low status as some archailect's lightly valued sophontstock.

See also plebware, plebvec.

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    A name given to the vast mass of 'baseline' virch, AI and alife entities to be found in software systems of various kinds all across Terragens space, usually by those who are ignorant of the truly vast diversity of the entities inhabiting these systems and who, seeing only their similarities when viewed from 'outside', are happy to lump them all together.
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Initially published on 01 August 2010.