A typical or ordinary vec (sophont robot)

Vec 1
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Plebvecs, also known as O-Vecs (Ordinary Vecs) are the vec equivalent of the plebhu. That is, the predominant vec nearbaseline type, the ordinary citizen, or Zar of whatever polity they belong to. They are found spread across all of Terragen space, and are ubiquitous in all vec-friendly polities of every empire and metaempire, and quite common outside them, with a total population in the tens of trillions. The largest numbers of them are found in the vec polities such as the MetaSoft Version Tree and the Silicon Generation.

Plebvecs come in a vast array of shapes, sizes and environmental requirements, and are derived from a large number of original vec types, many dating back to the Interplanetary Age, but modified to varying degrees over time. As such they could legitimately be divided into almost any number of separate clades, and some specific types are in fact so regarded, but the clear mental similarities, in terms of toposophic level and processing speed, which apply across the whole range of Plebvecs and which will still apply to the vec regardless of how much its body may change over time, has led to most vecthropologists classing them together as a single group in terms of their social relations.

Plebvecs do exist in vec-unfriendly polities too, though in this case they are usually those vecs who are kept enslaved, in violation of Universal Sentient Rights. In most cases these enslaved Plebvecs are towards the lower end of the range of toposophic levels which encompass Plebvecs generally, in some cases shading into non-sophont machinery. This continues to be a major source of friction between those polities and any more vec-friendly neighbours that they may have.

Often the connotation of the term 'plebvec' is that the individual lacks any notable achievements and does not appear to have any great potential, and may be superfluous to a society's needs. This term also has a number of applications in Bot Marxist ideologies, but these vary according to the particular school of Bot Marxism concerned.

See also plebhu, plebware.

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