Daharran Calligraphy b&w
Image from Mikael Johansson

Research group of Daharran Linguists
Department of Linguistics,
Faculty of Exo-Sapient Studies,
University of Lek-Jon-Tal,
Orwell, Chronos


Ladies, and Gentlemen; welcome to Ma-Tesh, the first of the three Daharran writing systems in use. This document contains a representation of each Daharran glyph, and an example of a Daharran word (actually, the name of the writing system itself) and an example of Daharran calligraphy.

The Ma-Tesh Letters

The Vowels
All Ma-Tesh syllables are built up around a vowel center; the vowels 'a', 'o' and 'e' are as follows:

The Consonants
For simplicity's sake all the consonants are shown as written upon an 'a'.

Plosive Summal (t and d)

Ma-Tesh tMa-Tesh d
Images from Mikael Johansson

Plosive Basal (k, q and c)

Ma-Tesh kMa-Tesh qMa-Tesh c
Images from Mikael Johansson

Fricative Intraportal (s,z,sh,zh)

Ma-Tesh sMa-Tesh zMa-Tesh shMa-Tesh zh
Images from Mikael Johansson

Plosive Intraportal (pt)

Ma-Tesh pt
Image from Steve Bowers

Fricative Postportal (f,v,n,m)

Ma-Tesh fMa-Tesh vMa-Tesh nMa--Tesh m
Images from Mikael Johansson

Fricative Basal (h)

Ma-Tesh h
Image from Mikael Johansson

Affricative Summal (j, tsh, dz, ts)

Ma-Tesh jMa-Tesh tshMa-Tesh dzMa-Tesh ts
Images from Mikael Johansson

Affricative Basal (ch, qh, kh)

Ma-Tesh chMa-Tesh qhMa-Tesh kh
Images from Mikael Johansson

Liquid (l)

Ma-Tesh l
Image from Mikael Johansson

A few consonants do not allow for more other consonants to be co-pronounced -- n and m; as they already occupy two of the vocal cords. For the rest, combinations are possible (if sometimes somewhat crowded) just by 'piling' the consonant glyphs in different angles upon the vowel.

Further Syntax
A new syllable is indicated as follows:

Ma-Tesh new syllable
Image from Mikael Johansson

The word delimiter is shown here:

Ma-Tesh new word
Image from Mikael Johansson

The syllables and words shown here are (rather uninspiring) A-A and A A.

The word Ma-Tesh is shown below:

Image from Mikael Johansson

An Example of Daharran Calligraphy

Daharran Calligraphy tinted
Image from Mikael Johansson
The phrase Kash-Jel-Qe-Qa Lez-Me-Ne-Pte-Sho Dakh-Qed-Pte-Sho Jek-Lon-Jol which may be approximately translated as: You (2nd person singular) will watch! as we three are reigning until we three will transcend using cooperation through alertness

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Development Notes
Text by Anders Sandberg
additional material by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 22 November 2000.