Golifa Nebula
Golifa Nebula
Image from Steve Bowers
The Golifa Nebula, formerly the Golifa Triune, three stars in Perseus which were destroyed by a Metric bomb during the Amalgamation Crisis
An artificially-created nebula in Perseus, 5217 light years from Sol. Before the Amalgamation Crisis the Golifa Triune were three A-class stars on the outermost periphery of Explored Space, at the border between the Perseus and Cassiopeia sectors.

The Amalgamation is believed to have taken simultaneous control of three Fourth Singularity intelligences occupying this system, an action which led to the deployment of a Metric Bomb against the largest star in the system. A tiny wormhole inside a void-bubble was propelled towards the star, and when the bubble reached the star's deep gravity well it collapsed, liberating vast amounts of energy and momentum.

The Golifa Nebula is one of the quite small class of nebulae caused by advanced weapons of various sorts, of which the most famous is probably the Verifex Nebula.
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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 29 April 2010.