Edible Music

Competitive musical performance craze

Edible music was a fad for approximately 15 years on several habitats in the NoCoZo (from 4251 to 4267) The band which completed their routine won the contest. The kicker was, you could only touch your own instrument and the bulkhead in a zero-g compartment - except you could take bites out of the opponent's instruments, sound gear, costumes, lighting, etcetera - if you could get them in your mouth.

To allow this, all instruments had to be edible by a baseline, complete with the consistency (not too hard) and size (fit into a baseline's jaws). Several of the more 'famous' bands went in for digestive augmentation to better handle their opponents' gear. This craze died hard, when the Slythers (a band known for their midbrain-level subliminals and aggressive digestive fluids) met Rok (A one-man band from a heavy-gravity-capable clade). The Slythers' digestive acids weakened the orbital bubble, and then Rok, a whopping 400 kilos of nanofibre muscle, diamondoid bone, and the like, bounced off the weakened spot. Rok won the concert on a technicality as it was able to maintain its consistency longer than the Slythers', but the concert was a disaster in public relations - no one wants to see their orbital breached, and Edible Music was rapidly taxed and boycotted into extinction.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 18 February 2002.