::NN:: ANOTHER VANISHING ASTEROID — or just a data error?

Image from Bernd Helfert

Another asteroid apparently vanished today in a Middle Regions system, the fourth report that has reached NewsNet in the last ten standard days. The uninhabited asteroid vanished from system of Balder in the Chronos Cluster, at or before 10.061 STS, Firstday last.

Balder System Astrographic Officer Twy Tomble said, "We monitor all objects in the outer system at least twice a day. When we made our 10.000 hours scan, it wasn't there."

Local commentators from elsewhere in the region note that Balder system has been known to lose data in the past. Some suggested that this object never in fact existed in the first place and was an error in their system records. A spokesbeing for Balder system vehemently denied this possibility.

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Image from Anders Sandberg
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Image from Bernd Helfert

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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 08 March 2010.