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It is our sad duty to inform that due to the current situation in the Caligiri Union, the Schmidt-Maestasis stargate is inactive for an indefinite time. The instability caused by the transcension event has forced us to limit the bandwidth across the wormhole to maintenance levels, and travelers or information will not be accepted. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope your stay at Haik Orbital will be a pleasant one.

We wish to point out that while the Unified Sentinentarian Code does support disaster refugee status to individuals and organisations wishing to leave the Caligiri Union, paragraph 5.3 does not imply an obligation on Schmidt-Maestasis or the Haik Demarchy to allow entry; see paragraph 7.4, "Blights", and 7.5, "Aggressive Self-replicating Swarms". Situation updates are being sent to Macyma, Los Verdes and the STC Emergency Group continuously.

Have a nice day.

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Initially published on 20 January 2002.