Lo Tek

Lo Teks at Ease
Image from James Jacques Joseph Tissot
Lo Teks at a picnic, Elysium IV Habitat

Lo Tek cultures differ from other Low Tech Societies in their more rational understanding of the universe, from Prims in their knowledge of more advanced technology, and from Ludds in their open and tolerant lifestyle. They deliberately choose some combination of reliable low maintenance technologies, which may individually be anything from Primtech up to High Tech in level, to produce some overall society and culture that they believe to be ideal. Like Prims they most often live in small tribal groups or clans, or at most in small cities, rather than in large populations or civilizations, though there are some notable exceptions. Lo Teks are widely found throughout the Terragen Sphere. They are most often found in commensal or symbiotic roles, although parawild and wildhu forms are also not uncommon.

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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev
additions by Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 22 November 2000.