Corundum Glittering

Stanislaw 2
Image from Steve Bowers
Stanislaw, the curious bot-world which is protected by Corundum Glittering

Corundum Glittering is a post-Faber transapient and is the present guardian of the Stanislaw system. E was a Second Singularity being when e departed for Stanislaw, and is believed to have achieved one or more toposophic levels since.

Corundum Glittering is believed by some to have aligned erself with the Caretaker Gods, and is known to have exchanged a large volume of data with them, but has not made any formal declaration on the subject. Some insist Corundum Glittering is the perpetrator or victim of an elaborate joke, and some or all of the information about the highly evolved xeno botworld of Stanislaw system to be a convoluted hoax.

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Text by Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 29 September 2009.