Amerindian Worlds, The

Amerindian worlds
Image from Steve Bowers

Amerindian Worlds are a series of human baseline worlds discovered along the Terragen peripheral regions beginning in 10115 AT. All were apparently created over 2000 years earlier by an unknown transapient, and all are based on highly authentic reconstructions of the pre-Columbian civilizations of Old Earth's North America and South America.

The first member of the series, known as Amerindia I by ethnographers, and by a variety of popular names derived from its dominant cultures, had independently achieved early Interplanetary Age technology and had deduced the existence of the rest of Terragen civilization by the time of first contact. Searches for other counter-historical worlds are presently underway along the Periphery, as it is believed that the same transapient or eir copies may have created a large number of alternative 'Earths'. At the same time, factions from Amerindia I are actively searching the Terragen bubble for their 'author', from a variety of motives. The most persistent and well known of these are the Sons of Wiraqutra.

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Text by Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 29 September 2009.