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The energy collection systems around Adhara power the local transapient dataspheres

Adhara -Data Panel

StarAdhara, Adara, Epsilon Canis Majoris, HD 52089
Visual Luminosity3500 x Sol
Total Luminosity includiing UV22300 x Sol
CompanionAdhara B, (Type Fv5 dwarf) 900 AU distant
Bright star in the Middle Regions, 405 light years from Sol, capital star of the Adara Trade Treaty.

This star is a bright, hot star, emitting large amounts of ultraviolet light, and for observers who can detect UV it is the brightest star as seen from Sol. Adhara illuminates the dust and gas that forms the Local Bubble, a structure in interstellar space created by the explosion of Geminga 300,000 years ago. Adhara is (coincidentally) 405 light years from Geminga.

Five million years ago Adhara was much closer to Sol and was the brightest visual star in the skies of Pliocene Earth.

The Adhara Trade Treaty has two terraformed planets orbiting Adhara B (Bow and Arrow), which are far enough away from the primary to be safe from the ultraviolet emissions. Extensive power collection arrays around the primary collect a proportion of the invisible luminosity of this star and give power to the local Treaty archai.
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Initially published on 30 July 2009.