HIE-565-MZE (Moundbuilders)
HIE-565-MZE is the designation for an unnamed, undescribed intelligent species known only from scattered ruins found on the methane-rich garden world Ilnaris III.

The ruins have been dated to about 125 million years ago and consist of crumbling mounds of rubble that are almost indistinct from the natural terrain. Only the pattern of the ruins' locations and the unnatural chemical composition of the building materials indicate intelligent origin. There are no gravesites or fossil remains that appear to be of an intelligent species, but many of the current life forms on this Titanian type world lack hard skeletons or body parts that would be preserved. The genetic make-up of the biosphere on this world is radically different from other methane-breathing biota, and is certainly unrelated to the Muuh or any other known world.

There is no evidence of spaceflight or advanced technology; it is assumed that the ruins represent an indigenous, primitive civilization. There is no evidence that any starfaring species would have reached this world or contributed to the evolution or extinction of HIE-565-MZE.
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Text by Aaron Hamilton
Initially published on 02 July 2000.