Hygeras Object

Mysterious alien artifact

Omicron Hygeras Object
Image from Aaron Hamilton

Shown is an image of an unclassified alien relic found in 6900 a.t. orbiting Hygeras, a triple star in the Inner Carina Rush. The object is 262 kilometers long; its mass and composition are undetermined. Its orbit is highly elliptical, ranging from the Oort cloud to the inner solar system. The object has powerful magnetic and gravitic fields and emits heavy radiation; it also appears to have massive influence on the fabric of space and has other, so-far unexplained effects which can be detected within 50 light-years of the Hygeras system.

Over the centuries there have been several attempts to either explore, occupy, or demolish this object; these attempts have only resulted in the deaths of thousands of sophonts and other beings on 8 military vessels and several unfortunate civilian transports. The object is also implicated in the disappearance of two different hyperturings that had each attempted to penetrate the mystery: the object is currently under observation from a safe distance by the Hamilton Institute. Current advice from the Astrography Institute is to avoid the area, and several governments have helped maintain beacons. There is no record of the object ever moving, or of it being inhabited (meaning it may not necessarily be a ship or vehicle) and it has been hypothesized that it may not even be operational for whatever function it once had. (It is, however, assumed to be artificial by all but a few researchers.)

The only clues to the origin and identity of this object come from a warning beacon left by a species widely theorized (based on circumstantial evidence) to be the Jacks, an extinct or dormant "floater" type civilization which inhabited Jovian worlds - though it is very possible the beacon was created by a completely unrelated civilization. The warning signal is no longer operating, but the inscriptions left on the beacon satellite have been partially translated and seem to indicate that the object appeared in our galaxy 400 million years ago. This is coincidental with planetwide mass-extinctions that occurred on several worlds that would have been near the Hygeras system at the time.

The object is also described as 30 trillion of their standard years old (multiply by 9.6 for Terragen Standard Years) and identified as a trans-dimensional construct from another universe (which is further defined in terms that have no clear Anglic equivalent). Where the gas-giant civilization got such information is unknown, and there is no way to confirm it through any Terragen technology or research. The nature of the effects of this object do suggest that an extra-universal origin not be dismissed outright.

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Development Notes
Text by Aaron Hamilton
Initially published on 31 July 2000.

Changed the name of mentioned extinct unknown species "Yhhanak'ukul'lanjh" to the more described species, the Jacks, October 2022