Forward projection and planning at Transapient level and above

Paths over Time
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Common term for the apparent transapient ability to perceive exactly which variables in a complex system need to be adjusted (and how they should be adjusted) to result in an outcome that the transapient finds desirable.

Opinions vary in regard to this transapient ability, with some schools of thought considering it to be another aspect of transapient Oversight, while others define it as an ability in its own right. Some evidence seems to indicate that this is a variable ability, with some transapients either possessing it to a greater degree than others or perhaps choosing to practice and perfect their abilities when others do not. However, even the least capable transapient is able to easily deal with situations far more complex, or subtle, than modosophonts are able to manage or perceive.

It is generally presumed that, like oversight, foresight has limits imposed by chaos theory or simply by a particular problem having so many variables as to exceed the ability of any transapient no matter what its' S-level. But in practice, such limits may be difficult, if not impossible, for a modosophont level mind to readily discern.
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Initially published on 29 June 2009.