Hummingbird Pod

Single person multipurpose space workhorses

Hummingbird Pods
Image from Steve Bowers
Single person chemically fueled space pods, with a large number of versatile mechanical manipulatory appendages and docking facilities; in use from Interplanetary age onwards, becoming increasingly sophisticated over time. The most recent designs are controlled by neural interface and act as semi-sophont extensions of the pilot.

Despite their sophistication manned craft such as these are often outclassed by space-adapted robot vessels of similar design, such as the Starhand clade. Manned workpods are most often used where vecs are not trusted, or where biont operators choose to work in space vessels of this type as a hobby.
Hummingbird 2
Image from Steve Bowers
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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 03 December 2008.