Sects of Inconsequence, The

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'Inconsequence' is a category of philosophical and religious belief which covers a wide range of groups and sects, few of which acknowledge the label, although they all share certain specific characteristics. The Sects of Inconsequence are defined as sects which seek enlightenment through the suppression of the self, and do so using methods which have absolutely no relevancy to the surrounding universe.

The various methods used by these sects and groupings to achieve inconsequence should also, in themselves be inconsequent. This is not because the method in itself holds any importance or even to send a signal with the method's insignificance, but merely because any method can be used, and these methods just happened to be the ones more or less randomly chosen by the sects.

In practice it is very difficult to devise any method of action which has no consequences; careful preparation and precise action is necessary for such a strategy to succeed. But when it does, of course, nobody notices.

The most desirable state for a member of such a movement is to have no sense of existence whatsoever, a self-less absence of identity and of consequence. This state is said to be very hard to acheive, and if any entity does acheive it, they are immediately forgotten about, so no other entity can become aware of their success.

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Text by Thorbørn Steen
Initially published on 16 July 2008.