Fear of open and/or natural environments, such as planetary surfaces.

In this age of space stations, interstellar vessels and virchs, there are plenty of places that lack a normal climate. Those who are affected by agoravexia are mostly those people who has either never experienced normal climate, though in some cases people who has been away for a long span of time are also affected.

Agoravexians suffers from a distinct feeling that something is wrong, when subject to some perfectly ordinary climatic phenomenon. The chief three phenomenon are: rain, wind and sunlight, though other phenomena exist as well. While the principles behind rain, wind, and landscape-spanning sunlight is perfectly understandable for the agoravexian, eir psych reacts to these phenomena without visible source with the aforementioned feeling of wrongness. This can range from a quiet, nagging feeling, to one of all-encompassing surreality. However, the term agoravexia doesn't cover the circumstances where a being may show any actual fear. Cenophobia or agoraphobia cover those afflictions.
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    Virchophobia is the irrational fear of virches. Virchophobes who find themselves in a virch will suffer from anything from restless anxiety to full-scale panic attacks. Generally virchophobes have no trouble avoiding virches, and once they have realized their disorder will be able to live almost normal lives. Virchophobia sometimes includes the fear of virtuals or a-life, but these fears are generally classified separately.
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Text by Thorbørn Steen
Initially published on 16 July 2008.