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A mythological creature from the Lortunun Mythos. The only mention of Hundunggok that exists today is found in the myth of Johant of Gronlund, where Johant had to sneak through its lair to reach the mythical lands of Taron. The form of the myth, seems to suggest that Hundunggok was a well known monster in the mythos, but any other myths about Hundunggok must have been lost along the centuries.

According to the myth Hundunggok was a large vec, composed primarily of hundreds of long arms, with its central processor hidden in a node in the middle. Its many arms made it almost impossible to kill, though Johant did manage to chop off three, as he escaped the lair. The lair of Hunduggok was a large silvery structure called Bastong. The lair was filled with large rooms, full of incomprehensible machines, in the middle room resided Hundunggok, using its arms to create its minions, which it sent out to harry the neighboring population centers.

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Text by Thorbørn Steen
Initially published on 16 July 2008.