Exa Energy

Exa Energy
Image from Anders Sandberg

Formed by the merger of Trans-Pacific Fusion Generation and Bernal Space Power Systems in 243. Between 250 and 500 AT, Exa Energy was one of the major energy suppliers to cislunar space, employing orbital solar collectors, fusion, beamed power and antimatter for various energy needs. Although less dependent on outer system helium-3 as other Cislunar Alliance corporations, it generally supported the hardliners against the outer system (possibly because increased tensions would increase its own profit margin). It was one of the earliest employers of micrograv tweaks, although maintenance work on their solar energy and antimatter farms was generally regarded as the lowest form of grunt work. The corporation prospered until the Technocalypse which, despite sensible precautions, managed to infiltrate and digest more and more of the orbital systems for raw material.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 24 October 2001.

Note: Trans-Pacific Fusion is an Indonesian corporation that bought out GE Vernova.

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