Deeper Covenant Rights
Deeper Covenant Rights
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It is a fundamental policy of the Deeper Covenant that all sentient beings possess an inalienable right to self-determination until and unless their actions merit otherwise.

It is a fundamental policy of the Deeper Covenant that all sentient beings should exist free from unrequested and undesired restraint, pain, damage or destruction until and unless their actions merit otherwise.

Pursuant to these policies no vessel, facility or sentient being self- identified or voluntarily associated with the Covenant shall transport, harbor or assist in the transportation or harboring of any conscious, sentient being classified as property by another sentient being.

Any sentient engaged in transporting any type of being classified as property must ensure that the being in question is kept in a state of unconsciousness or biostasis at all times while aboard/within Covenant vessels, facilities, habitations or territories. Failure to comply with this policy may result in forfeiture of ownership and confiscation of property.

A clearly conveyed request for asylum by any type of sentient, whether classified as property or not, will result in the granting of asylum until and unless a review of the situation by relevant Covenant authorities determines that the requesting entity was not competent to make the request. Decisions of relevant Covenant authorities may be appealed to, reviewed and possibly overturned by a cybervote of all interested Covenant citizens within a radius of one- light month.

Failure to comply with the above policies may result in severe fines or penalties up to and including expulsion of the 'owner' entity from the relevant vessel, facility, habitation or territory, this expulsion to be carried out at the discretion of those members of the Covenant in the relevant area.
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