Church of Crisis, The
The Church of Crisis is a social and cultural phenomenon found in both extreme hider clades and autotopias, each with different interpretations on the 'True Works' of one "G'nt ValParadizo", a semi-mythical baseline from around 2,000 a.t. G'nt is known to have been a member of an early autotopia located in an actively maintained Jupiter/Titan trojan orbit. He had a significant amount of research available in his lifetime regarding the early archailects -- Solsys was a massive datapipe in those days -- shuttling data back and forth between the various colonies, just prior to the earliest recorded creation of wormholes and the founding of the Nexus.

His research indicated that even known S>2s with specific capabilities in certain fields had made mistakes within those fields. It is a matter of great dispute amongst the Crisisians (pronounced "cry-SIS-ee-ans") and critics as to what those particular pieces of evidence were, as there have been many "revealed texts" with details on various "errors", many of which appear on further research to be misperceptions or misapplications of logical theorems. An associated, darker group, the Church of Impending Doom, (allegedly behind some of the more pithy and dystopic discwuzitian diary entries) indicates this confusion is a strong indication of external memengineering and social control structures at work.

Regardless, G'nt realized he was wasting his time researching these materials. He took it as an article of faith that his life was not under his control, and that whatever would end that life would be beyond his ability to influence. This philosophy, allegedly made public via a infocast interview with the celebrity Jocosta Rose, caused three reactions in the populace.

The great majority of the population dismissed it as utter bilge, occasionally violently. (G'nt's physical distance from many of the major population centers of the day undoubtedly aided his survival.)

The next largest accepted G'nt's attitude, summed up in the Crisisian credo, "Why fight it?". These and their descendants may be found in many autotopias throughout Sephirotic space.

The final group was a minute minority. These sophonts took this as a frightening warning, and scattered as far and as fast as they could bring themselves. They are still occasionally found amongst newly formed nests of Hiders hither and yon, often with significant memetic drift from the original concept and/or cross-contamination with other prototypically Hider memes.

Critics dispute this public unveiling noting that Jocosta Rose, if such a sophont actually existed, would have been quite ancient by this time. Other sub-sects of the Crisisians claim other routes to public awareness, but by last estimate by the Ken Ferjik Societal Observational Sciences Group indicated that some 73% of known Crisisian groups follow the Jocosta Rose Revelation as dogma.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 26 September 2005.