Supermundane Hands of God
Image from Steve Bowers
The Hands of God Megasculpture
Supermundane was a modocentric transapient artist of the MPA, believed by experts to have been created in 6676 by the archai Gemini Ascend, and rumored amongst fans to have been birthed by The Great Architect. For the first two hundred years or so of his existence, Supermundane focused on creating art for a modosophont audience. Neither experts, nor fans, have found any evidence that Supermundane participated in any way in the transapient community.

Supermundane is best known for his Hands of God megasculpture. To create the sculpture Supermundane acquired a red giant system in the middle reaches and connected it to the wormhole network, apparently to make it easier for spectators to gain access. Over a twenty year period the star was mined and the matter distributed in carefully calculated, slowly decaying orbits around the star, which culminated in the year 6862 in a structure which resembled two incredibly lifelike, incredibly large hands holding the star between them. The sculpture kept a recognisable form for approximately three weeks before the orbits of the matter dissolved the sculpture. Though an early work, it is listed in the third place on the list of the most impressive works of Supermundane, and in the Djed Top 1000 list of the most impressive modocentric artistic works.

Supermundane's final piece, lasting from 7874 to 7877, was a work of perfect art which encompassed an entire planet. Rumor says that the piece inspired three years of ultimate joy for the residents of the isolated planet, but in 7877 a transapient fleet consisting of Solarian and Negentropic ships, arrived to eliminate Supermundane and his artwork. The details of the work have been suppressed by the acting transapients, which state that they do so for fear it will be replicated. According to these transapients Supermundane had gone blight, and his last work represented a threat not only to the local systems, but might in the very long run have destabilised the entire terragen civilisation. A lot of conspiracy theories surround Supermundane's last work. Enough that even though Supermundane was officially declared blight, and no one remembers what the artwork was like, the artwork holds an honorary 1st place on the official list of the most impressive works of Supermundane.

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Text by Thorbørn Steen
Initially published on 19 September 2007.