This form of clothing was originally developed as an effort to pack protective gear into a small area for use in emergencies. It has since become a popular form of outerwear for many sophonts.

A person using this product sprays eir naked body. Using different dispensers in combination can provide a variety of skintight suits. Some foam up for added insulation, others contain protective particles and/or nanites and still others are for pure entertainment or sensual value. Some industrial varieties use Smartex to provide added power for lifting, movement and functionality. "Smart" spray technology allows the integral nanites to control the flow over the body to achieve a complete seal over all external skin unless a preprogrammed form has been selected. This is a great way for those in damaged spacecraft to get protective gear in case of a hull breach or in extremely hazardous environments. A can of Spraywear with a helmet and an air supply can create a single-use space suit.

Spraywear is very durable. Most varieties can be removed with a sharp blade or by applying a special enzyme (which is often packaged inside the Spraywear tube) that causes any nanites left to break down quickly and allow the clothing to be torn from the body quickly and easily. Some varieties of Spraywear that are intended for hedonic use are designed to be easily torn off anyway. Most forms of Spraywear are self-healing for up to a few days.
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Text by Michael Boncher
Initially published on 16 December 2004.