Data Siphons

An implant or wearable device that helps the mind of the user find relevant data out of the chaos and noise of daily life.

Image from Steve Bowers

Data Siphons are essential devices for baselines and other ordinary sophonts who live in highly advanced worlds.

A Data Siphon is usually an implant (usually nano but can be bio), or less often a wearable device, that helps the mind of the user find relevant data out of the chaos and noise of daily life. It lets the flood of data wash through its system by normal links and processes it in a triage like manner, prioritizing data according to relevance, interest and other markers set up by the user. It then stores the data for optimal use during the day, or when the user is resting.

After light filtering, for obvious threats and garbage information, this device's main function pursues related information threads that can enhance data gathered throughout daily life by context, syntax and relation to topics deemed high priority. This function makes them popular among researchers and trivia buffs allowing them to garner in relatively short periods of time, lots of detail and relevant supporting information to desired topics.

There are many brand name Data Siphons on the market. Often they come with proprietary search and reference software, while others allow the user to install his own search and siphon protocols. These devices are often used with higher level Data Filters to prevent corruption or subversion affecting the owner. Although Data Siphons do filter some information, it is purely cursory, and not advanced enough to pick out higher toposophic memes or advanced memengineering.

Owning a Data Siphon will automatically exclude you from many forms of information related contests, games, shows, and entertainment that rely on trivia and other forms of unassisted informational computation.

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Text by Michael Boncher
Initially published on 04 August 2004.