Fadtech is a type of technology that captures expresses the current zeitgeist of an area, world, system or sephirotic. It is very trendy and has very little chance of practical usage far into the future. Often, the Fadtech causes a flurry of memes and Madverts and have strong advertising campaigns and marketing. It may be a precursor to a real technological advance, but often they fade into obscurity and become a question on a trivia game a few years later. Rarely do products of Fadtech amount to anything beyond entertainment and curiosity value.

Some examples of Fadtech include: Clear Mods, many bioborg trends, "Residueless" Microfabs, Retro ComEmp-era DNI-looped utility fog hoverboards, imitation Muuh/Pluton xenosplice mood implants, short-term trends in Danzig Variable Gravity Dancing, and hobbyist neogens and replicants of many types.

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Development Notes
Text by Michael Boncher, some slight modifications by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 14 May 2004.