Centurion Chili Cookoff

Once every 150 years, there is a prestigious competition between culinary institutes at New Daffy, NoCoZo, called the Centurion Chili Cookoff.

This event is the centerpiece of a century of preparatory effort delivering the 'best chili available'. Efforts include nitrogen-argon plasma thermal induction, gamma bombardment, even the traditional charring from nonsophont plant matter combustion.

The ingredients are similarly disparate, covering the gamut from homer saps derived endorphins to various non-sentient animal, fungus, and plant flesh, curdled mammalian fluids, etc.

The categories are baseline survivability, taste, 'heat' (chemical reactivity and perceived spice), and creativity. There is room for a 'grand champion' as well, but this is only awarded to a chili which wins at least two of the four categories.

Sadly, the baseline survivability category has yet to be one of the 'wins' for the 5 'grand champion' chilis to date.

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Text by John B
Initially published on 23 December 2003.