Also known as Narco-Sym or Narsykm. Any small gengineered (or occasionally natural or traditionally bred) life form, originally often based off the Terragen medicinal leech Hirudo medicinalis, which affixes itself to a (usually willing) subject's body, typically on the neck where the carotid artery is, and supplies the subject with small, regular amounts of endorphins or some other pleasure-inducing substance while feeding off small amounts of the subject's blood. Illegal in many polities, due to extremely high propensity for addiction, highly popular and occasionally given as gifts (between lovers, or occasionally by parents to eir children at eir coming of age) in others. Numerous religious sects and other groups make use of NarSyms and extol the use of such.

Rumors abound of specially tweaked NarSyms who dispense transcendence drugs in place of, or in addition to, regular narcotics. At the time of this writing, no confirmation or hard data on any such varieties was available.

Many Erotogini incorporate NarSym genes into eir own genomes, to add a little something extra to the Erotogini's already formidable ability to bring pleasure to other sophonts.
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Text by Mike Parisi
Initially published on 22 January 2004.