Perfect Horror

cosmic horror 2
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Perfect Horror is a common modosophont term for a series of events, which in retrospect appear to be transapient attempts at 'perfect art' utilizing baseline societies as the medium. They are usually considered to also be a subset of blight.

The various attempts (and perhaps 'successes' from a transapient point of view) had several major qualities involved: A near-total lack of random effects in the society, significant barriers to ingress, egress, or communication through the barriers, and strict societal mores with relentless enforcement.

Some of the most commonly cited examples of Perfect Horror include the Arata Nippon habitat with its extremely rigid 'face' social protocols (stopped after approximately 50 years by a manifestation/inspection by a Judge of the Negentropic Sphere), the Worm recursive arcology on New Cog (reverted to virch storage in the Version Tree on Version 6's direction), and the relativistic hegemonic upload-to-prim-virch swarm currently being reduced by Black Angel activity in the fringes of Solarian space.

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Text by John B
Initially published on 20 September 2004.