Brain Plague
There is a moderately common rumor among the independent/Hider polities coreward from the Sephirotic wormhole networks dealing with what is termed a 'Brain Plague'. This is a malady of some unknown vector (some commentators seem to indicate an airborne nanite infection, others seem to credit conflicting memetic subversion attempts, among many other equally unproven candidates) where the victim seems to disassociate themselves from their prior memetic set and instead begins to take up a strong xenophobic, biophilic memeset. The victims appear to be fascinated with the functioning of biologic brain matter (aka, computronium), spending as much time as they can studying such matters in any manner available to them.

This unfocused predilection may lead to a wide range of behaviors ranging from frenzied attacks to obtain new specimens of all larger biological organisms, to seemingly emotionless capture-and-vivisection cliques, to many other antisocial and/or seemingly psychopathic actions.

There have only been incidental reports of such behavior - no subjects have yet to be suitably examined by adequately equipped and trained researchers to date. However, it appears that these rumors are fairly closely confined to only one direction - there are very few rumors of such behavior in other areas of the outer fringes.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 20 September 2004.