Temverson, Clade
Clade Temverson developed in the Hymana orbital cities of Sullivan (Solar Dominion) during the Third Interregnum (5922-6100). Originally a neurophilosophical experiment among the faculty of Kel Arban University, it grew into a local mass movement after the inspiration of Quel-Kai-Lu Temverson's Time Unfolded in 8011.

The distinguishing trait of the temverts is their altered sense of subjective time. In baseline humans and many derived clades memory is directly distinguishable from planning/scenario visualisation. In Clade Temverson they are instead symmetrical - memory is experienced in exactly the same way as planning.

To a temvert there is no now dividing an unchanging past from an uncertain future, but rather only an eternal now where the immanent (the here-now) is certain while the more remote regions (the far-now) are increasingly uncertain due to lack of information, forgetfulness or complexity of prediction. Actions can change both what a non-temvert would view as past and future, and there is no sense of temporal flow, only action. Since emotions and subjective views can change what is recalled or imagined, they view the far-now as very changeable due to individual moods but hard to effectively modify, while the here-now is more rigidly fixed but also amenable to being changed.

Temverts have a distinct tendency towards solipsism and subjectivity. Despite this, they have been able to create a stable and dynamic society with their own paratemporal language. Their altered sense of time and its profound implications for philosophy, ethics, planning and economics have led to their relative isolation compared to non-temvert clades.

Clade Temverson has been unusually successful in its growth, perhaps due to the demand for it in immersive field theory and engineering and certain fields of meta-insurance. Many interactions are handled by dedicated AI able to shift between multiple temporal modes.

Temverson Solarism is by necessity somewhat heterodox, although mainstream Solarism does not view time in itself as relevant for the Divine Order. Nevertheless, there have been many lapses to more esoteric views, and in 7833 a large community of temverts moved to Dewheat in the Sophic League to escape what they perceived as encircling oppression.
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