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In the early Interplanetary Age a number of computer scientists and mathematicians, wanting to gain increased insight into a number of tricky theoretical and technical problems and the advantages that accrued from doing so, developed a set of mental enhancements that allowed them to think and visualize in four or more orthogonal spatial dimensions as easily as baseline humans think in three dimensions.

These modifications were quite successful, becoming known as the Hidim (for Higher Dimensions) enhancements. This was one of a number of mathematical and perceptive modifications that were developed during this time period.

However, the early versions of the Hidim enhancement did have some problems. The main one of these was what became known as 'Flatlander Syndrome', in which the person with the enhancement found it hard or impossible to perceive the three-dimensional physical world as anything other than dull, flat, and lacking in substance compared to the world they thought in. This led some sufferers to withdraw entirely into themselves. Although with increased understanding of the interaction between the brain and the enhancement this problem was eventually solved, the existence of Flatlander Syndrome did rather discourage people from using the Hidim enhancement.

Nonetheless, over the years the various versions of the Hidim enhancements, each of which gave the ability to think in a different number of spatial dimensions, spread across Terragens space. Both physical and virtual entities had the enhancement made permanent, and various sub-clades of the overall Hidim group came to be found everywhere. Most of those who originally acquired the trait were researchers of various kinds, but it is now found in entities from all walks of life, which can be a bit of an adjustment for some of them. In particular, as far as it is known, all higher toposophic entities include the enhancement or something very like it.

Hidim researchers have, over the millennia, provided a number of significant insights into any number of fields where their enhancement gives them an advantage, and transcended to higher toposophic levels at a somewhere higher than average rate.
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