Neogen Centaur clade

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Neogenic centauroid species created by the Power Manteos in 2587 to be: 'Keepers of songs, tellers of tales, guardians of art and culture'.

HaRoNa resemble reptilian centaurs with a tough scale like skin, four-toed feet equipped with powerful digging claws and strong arms ending in six fingered hands. Their heads are long with a large brainpan and a cluster of tentacles completely surrounding a beak like mouth similar to that of a Terran turtle. Vision extends into the near infrared and ultraviolet. On average HaRoNa stand about 2.5 meters tall. They are able to survive, if not necessarily thrive, in a huge range of environments including vacuum, high radiation and high pressure and tey can go several weeks at a time without food or liquid. They do not sleep.

HaRoNa are living recorders with a large mass of bionano molecular memory growing along their secondary back under the spine. They have virtually perfect memories and spend lives traveling around the Nexus picking up stories, songs, myths, craftwork skills and any other bits and pieces of non-technical knowledge they can find. Periodically a group of HaRoNa will gather to mate and exchange memories via a process of molecular fluid transfusion through specialized organs in their tongues. Children gestate in either individual for 15 weeks before being born (HaRoNa appear to have no gender). The compulsion to gather new information is hardwired into the races' genetics and within 2-3 weeks after birth, the new HaRoNa recorder is ready to set out on its own.

HaRoNa appear to be virtually immortal and reproduce only rarely. They have no population centers but can appear at random virtually anywhere in the Wormhole Nexus. Estimates on their total population are sketchy, but generally hover around 300 billion across the entire Nexus.

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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 16 September 2003.