Homokalaran frani

Hybrid clade between sapient chimps and space adapted humans

Image from Bernd Helfert


The Fran are descended from a community of Chimp Provolves (Pan sapiens), rianths and space adapted humans who migrated away from Sol during the Age of Establishment. Upon arriving at YTS 5072-0540192, a resource poor system in the inner Vulpecula quadrant of what is now MPA space, about 715 LY from Sol, they developed a hybrid culture and genome and existed in orbital habitats (attempts to terraform the small local Mars-type world being unsuccessful at first). Later the space people migrated still further out, and the rianths developed their own culture.

The Neochimps that hybridized with some rianths and spacers became the Fran, and they have the largest presence in the system, mainly in a number of orbital habitats and converted hollowed-out asteroids, and on the planet, which at length became marginally habitable, and is known as Fran Prime. The largest habitat is Wondaran, with a diameter of twenty-five kilometers.


The Fran themselves are predominantly neochimp-rianth in form, although some sub-clades show a pronounced micrograv tweak (H. sapiens cosmoi) tendencies, depending on local genetic make up and environmental habitat conditions. The rate of evolution on some habitats is quite rapid, due to genetic drift of the isolated populations

The Fran are omnivores, though much of their diet is vegetarian based. The Mars- to Earth-standard gravity Homokalaran frani stands approximately two metres high (taller and thinner in the case of the lower gravity populations), with a slight to medium build and an overall golden tan skin. The microgravity-adapted Homokalaran spatialis is much smaller. The average female or male Fran lives for about 200 years.


Fran psychology has been dominated by traumatic experiences they suffered during the foreign War occupation by a number of armies, fleets, and colonial powers.

During and in the period leading up to the Second Empires war they were enslaved by the Geminga Orthodoxy, who annexed the system as a Conver Ambi colony and destroyed their culture with religious zeal. Next came the Solar Dominion, the local governor of which seemed to insist they convert to Borde Worship. When the system was ceded to Cygexba following a treaty exchange, the Cygexbans forced their corporate franchises on them in the hope of opening up new markets. The destruction of the local stargates during the Version War, in a pitched battle between Cygexba and NoCoZo forces, also caused massive destruction of a number of Fran habitats. Later in the war an MPA biont expeditionary force, cut off from their command and behind enemy lines, treated them particularly badly. Although no further atrocities have been committed since the end of the Version War, these unfortunate historical experiences have become deeply ingrained in the Fran collective unconscious, and engendered in the Fran a lot of anxiety about the Galactic Culture, next to which they are technologically inferior (they have some biotech, minimal nanotech but no transapienttech other than what they can purchase from other empires). The response has been political isolationism and an unusually large conscript only standing army.

Perhaps the most confusing to the outsider is the way in which the Fran themselves have approached the subject and foreign aggression. At no stage has there ever been any deliberate attempt to force people to serve in the armed forces and no individual is ostracized if he or she chooses not to serve. Yet only 5% of the total population choose not to serve. Another confusing factor is that the fran have maintained a strong sense of individualism. However in times of crisis the Fran will forgo his sense of individual identity if survival of the group demands it. This strange form of combined group/individual identity has resulted in a culture that doesn't have a true sense of selfishness, at least as far as humans can understand it. Another interesting fact is the way that the Fran view relationships. The Fran treat each relationship on its own merits, but regardless of what type, the bottom line is one of mutual respect. This respect is extremely important in business, because if a Fran doesn't respect you, he/she will either have nothing to do with you or will attempt to walk all over you. In personal relationships, the Fran will deal with different people according to their personality and appear to be very adept at understanding one another's current frame of mind. A long term relationship will stand the test of time and it has been known that when a foreign friend of a Fran has died of old age and the Fran is still young, the Fran will mourn the lost of his/her friend as much as the lost of a member of the immediate family. Overall, the Fran have a strong sense of individual identity and group loyalty and they are prepared to defend these things to the death. However , they also have a strong sense of humour.

Political Relations

The Fran system is not within the main part of the Utopia Sphere, as they are located in MPA space. Nevertheless they retain close links to the Utopia and Caretaker God worlds. They are not as good at playing the politics game as other small powers. It is only because of help from Utopia and Caretaker representatives that they have not been subverted or conquered by foreign forces in the post-ComEmp period. During this same time also they have evolved increasingly in their own direction.

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Text by Grant Thomas and M. Alan Kazlev
Graphics by Bernd Helfert
Initially published on 09 March 2001.