Goo, Pink

pink goo
Image from Bernd Helfert

A curious disparaging term for the human species, in reference to the fact that it as has spread out across the galaxy, replicating and filling available niches. There are two theories about this name. One is that it was invented by vec or aioid anti-biont chauvinists and has to do with the colour of the human interior (cf. 'Meatling') and the other is that the term was first invented by humans themselves on Old Earth in the First Century AT among a group of baselines who were particularly fair-skinned, especially as infants (so that babies would have been particularly pink). Either or both origins might be true.

Pink Goo is still sometimes used to refer to the Terragen Expansion as a whole, despite the fact that many individuals in the Terragen Sphere are not remotely human, or it may be used by vecs and aioids for bionts in general.

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Initially published on 19 December 2001.

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