Paz (Morpheo Ab)
Paz (Morpheo Ab) and its moon Armonia
Image from Steve Bowers
Second Planet of the G-class star Morpheo A (near the open cluster NGC 5460); 1990 ly from Sol in the Centaurus Sector. Paz had a large moon known as Armonia which was being terraformed.

Colonized by non-Gabrielic pilgrims of The True Universalist Church circa 5650 under Jon N'mabbo.

Not to be confused with the Inner Sphere planet of the same name that became an important cultureworld during the First Federation.

Claimed for the Negentropist empire by the linelayer Columbus 5 in 5840. Became a prosperous world during the late Consolidation and Federation era; characterized by a baseline majority and alternating su-cracies of several cyborg clades. Paz was never properly terraformed. During the ComEmp period a culture of inequality developed under the new ruling Clade Borup. Taken over by the Efficiency Maximization Paradigm.

This planet and its moon were optimized and dismantled before 7430.
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    [3487-c.5110 (standard year)] Real Estate salesman and later Pazist Universalist Church leader, became convinced that Paz's "Pleroma" was the open cluster NGC 5460; led 5000 pilgrams to colonise the Morpheo system, died in transit following sabotage of the nanostasis banks. Although the entire system has long since been optimized by the Efficency Maximization Paradigm, many uploaded virtuals, not aware of their fate, are still awaiting his resurrection.
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Initially published on 19 December 2001.