Pathogens, Control of
Because many environments are isolated, and many bionts have only known a life in a hermetically sealed habitat, infection by foreign pathogens by visitors from other environments, to which the locals have no natural immunity, is a serious one.

Among the various solutions to this immunological problem - all of which may be found somewhere or other - are:

  • A society which communicates exclusively via a network, such as telepresence or virch
  • A society which has replaced its intestinal flora with nano- or other tech
  • A society which has elaborate sterility rituals when meeting someone new, including ingesting intestinal flora which is neutral between the two meeting beings
  • Literal 'skin suits', blue goo type clothing which layers at the skin level and prevents active biological bits through
  • They ignore it, and just get sick
  • They sue the person they got sick from. (Yes, the NoCoZo favorite! "See! See! He's got E.coli 544gH3! HE'S the one I'm gonna sue!!!")
  • Some societies are intrinsically immune to such problems, such as Keterist ISO's. For them, anti-viral has another meaning...
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Development Notes
Text by John B; additions by M.Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 31 December 2002.