Monotheism, Theism
Religious paradigm or meme-group, as distinguished from deism polytheism, pantheism or atheism, that professes the existence of a personal, transcendent God (whether archailect or supernatural) who created, preserves and governs the world. Among pre-singularity terragens, classical monotheism was held by Judaism, Christianity and Islam; some other religions, such as early Zoroastrianism and later Greek religion, were monotheistic to a lesser degree. Monotheism appears to be an attractor, it has appeared spontaneously among a number of cultures and races, even xenosophonts. Explanations for monotheism range from the supernatural and cosmological (there really is a "God, whether a spirit or an archailect from a previous universe") through the memetoselective, to various psychological hypotheses (parental projection and internalization, collective unconscious, etc.)
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 08 December 2001.