Tribal Gathering of Historical Tuphz

9100's movement to bring together all the original "tuphz" of history, whether cloned or replicated or pozer bots, to serve as teachers and leaders of current Tuphz.

The project caused great excitement among tuphz members and sympathisers throughout the Nexus, although it was marred by unfortunate rivalries between different Tuphz factions (in one case resulting in actual assassination). Among the historical figures (real and mythological) that were cloned, replicated, or found were several public domain Gilgameshes, Napoleans and Alexander the Greats, a replicant King Arthur, a clone of the (by then lost) original Joan of Arc pozerbot, a Chairman Mao Turingrade Bioborg (complete with Little Red Book), the John Wayne pozerbot, a Marcus Lee Clone, a visiting SI:<1 Adriana Yue Johannisdottir replicant (the pre-ascension version of Adriana Yue Oncehuman) presented by Hosoko Posthegemonic Management Network, no less that three Lady Kitsune (of Andromeda Kids fame) impersonators, a Broderik Paz personalike, and an authentic Virtual Gurl Copy who was presented as a gift by the Zooeum of Heroes.

The Tribal Gathering of Historical Tuphz was held at the Fandom Hotel, Yansoon Orbital, New Tycho, Terran Federation, over three tumultuous tendays in 9156. Unfortunately, despite a lot of goodwill, and some saucy goings on (one of the Lady Kitsunes had a hot and heavy affair with one of the public domain Napoleans, this later became the Softporn comedrama interactive "When Kitsu met Bonie") that were great for ratings (sponsors like Novamedia, GalaxyWideSophonts, and Hosoko made a killing), the various participants found as much to disagree as they did to agree, and the relationship between the Chairman Mao Turingrade Bioborg and John Wayne pozerbot was particularily acrimonious. In the end several weighty proceedings (each exceeding 500 terabytes of text and images) and a number of interactive teaching modules were produced, and the participants went their own way.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 18 October 2002.