Third Def8

Important Communion of Worlds member-system

Third Def8
Image from Steve Bowers

Star: HD 6235
Distance from Sol: 354 ly
Type: Gv5
Luminosity: 1.76 x Sol
Constellation: Sculptor
World: Third Def8
Terraformed moon
Radius: 5981 km
Colonised: 2431 AT

Terraformed third moon of hydrojovian gas giant Def8. Home to a large and ferocious population of lion/human splices belonging to the Shi clade. Communion of Worlds neurotech and empathic training brings the members of the individual prides close together, but conflict between the prides is frequent.

This world has seen the rise and fall of many superprides, federal associations and empires. One particularly intriguing event was the Usurpation by The False Coalition. Traditionally the leadership of the Etosha Empire is held by two or more males, who work together to provide a broader range of policies. In 8010 Rythan and Meowor, the ruling coalition who were siblings from the ancient Laespor clan, were murdered and replaced by impostors who had been downloaded into bodies which were exact physiological duplicates of the originals. These impostors used empathic technology to replicate the behaviour of the originals with sufficient realism to deceive the rest of the Etosha ruling elite, while subtly steering this powerful empire into a damaging and ultimately disastrous war against their neighbours, the Medarin Community.

Before these two states could destroy each other utterly, a Communion empai based in the cloudtops of Def8 alerted the Medarin coalition to the deception, which was the handiwork of the Jonesians, a dissident group of human superiors who had long harboured ambitions of gaining influence and territory on this large moon.

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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Additional material by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 09 January 2002.