Tau Felis Minoris II
Tau Felis Minoris
Image from Steve Bowers
The planet Tau Felis Minoris II (Boyuduro), a planet terraformed long ago by the unnamed species HIE236PPE
SystemStar:Tau Felis Minoris, Rangatawa
Type K3V
Mass 0.8 x Sol
Constellation Triangulum Australe
Distance from Sol 3712 ly
Reached 7632 AT

Planet Boyuduro
Type TitanoGaian
Mass 0.2 x Earth
A cold, small planet altered by the unnamed species HIE236PPE (an extinct xenosophont race) so that it supports an ecology of cold-adapted lifeforms. These lifeforms share a common ancestry with those found on 12 other worlds.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 09 January 2002.