Enkidu Class Gametophyst
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Image from DALLE3 AI and Avengium
A virch created for the purpose of developing and selecting a single, candidate, virtual personality suitable to form the noetic core of a (typically hyloid) high toposophic organism.

Enkidu nodes specialize in the use of the "Heroic Quest" memetic construct as a fitness criteria [see "Constraint Based Personality Modeling" Goric/779 et al.]

All known Enkidu implementations conform to an Erbagoos-Cylliw classification as follows:
HARDNESS: 89 (limited special causality)
DIFFERENCE: 10 (pre-industrial, Terran environment)
ABSTRACTION: 2 (very concrete with special allowances)
RESOLUTION: 90 (very high resolution, undetectable simulation)

Enkidu computing substrates are typically isolated and well guarded. Little information is available on physical implementation, and there are no confirmed observations by near-baselines. Occasional, recorded virch snapshots have appeared at times as examples of Perfect Art and as autobiographical commentary by Enkidu-born sophonts.
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Text by Bill Glover
Initially published on 10 September 2003.

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