In Toposophy:

Higher toposophic clades, societies, logospheres, or nanecologies that appear out of a lower toposophic (usually SI:<1) milieu. Emergents often form the nucleus for local SI:<1 polities, societies, or memeticities to develop around, often flourishing, although there are also cases of emergents that were neutral or even (less frequently) hostile towards the subsingularitists.

In Biology:

Giant trees (or ecological equivalents, whether biological, alife, or nanecological ) that are much higher than the average canopy height, or vaster than the average size. Terragen emergents provide habitats for many birds and insects in dry environments. On worlds like Gilboa Reach, Linne, and Trees, giant trees are home to entire ecosystems. On Okeanos, gengineered tube worm turret-reefs fulfill the same role in a marine environment.
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    The process whereby more Complex systems arise from simpler systems. Emergence is unanticipated and cannot be directly deduced from the lower-level behaviors. Usually, The nature and behaviour of the more complex system cannot be defined in terms of its components. For example, the organization of a nanecology is said to emerge from the interactions of the lower-level behaviors of the nanites, and not from any single nanite. The concept has applications in many fields, from chemistry to biology to psychology and the social sciences.
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