Stellar Wind
Continual (as opposed to episodic) emission of particles from stars. All stars exhibit some kind of stellar wind. A Sol-type yellow dwarf star loses about 10-14 Msol per standard year from winds blowing between 200 to 300 km/s from the quiet solar surface and 700 km/s from coronal holes. Cool luminous stars such as red giants have lower wind velocities of around 20 to 60 km/s, although the larger diameters mean that mass losses are higher; in the order of 10-8 Msol to 10-5 Msol per year. Stellar winds are harnessed by solar sailing vessels, in-system cloudharvesters, and other low energy phyles and clades, as well as by some megastructure-based ISOs.
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    Stream of rapidly moving electrically charged particles - atoms and ions - that escape from the solar corona and blow outwards. Also called Stellar Wind.
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