Sabinian Kalyptism
Form of kalyptism that asserts all stable civilizations eventually disintegrate, according to specific variables.

Sabinian Kalyptism (not to be confused with Sabinian Metahistoricism, a totally different and altogether less controversial paradigm) claims on the basis of cultural, historical, comparative, galactocentric astrological, and exopaleontological evidence that all stable civilizations are due to disintegrate at some time, according to a specific set of variables. It predicts that civilization collapse will be preceded by increasing barbarian incursions from the periphery, cessation of expansion of borders of the central powers, and weakening or partial breakdown of regulating socio-memetic structures. Most official Predictive Historians consider Sabinian Kalyptism to be no more valid then the more hysterical religious forms of Kalyptism that occur with regular frequency whenever some crisis or other emerges. During the current period a number of schools and sects and further interpretations have developed from the original Sabinian Kalyptism.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 31 December 2001.