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A Rollerox, in walking mode and rolling mode. Like several other creatures in this biosphere, the Rollerox can extrude muscular parapods that propel it while in rolling mode.
Plains dwelling, herbivorous creature indigenous to the garden world Nui Spiridonia.

In size and ecological niche, similar to the terrestrial cow/oxen/bison/wildebeest. The creature resembles a giant armadillo with a blunt head, blue or black hide and armored shell, and a cluster of short tendrils around the mouth to pull in food. Rolleroxen have no eyes and instead use sonar to perceive their environment. They move using their legs for short distances. For more extended travel, they simply curl up into a ball and roll across the plains of their world, using their sonar to navigate.

Nui Spiridonia - Data Panel

SystemRe-Oss Qoc
StarJD 21009541, Thruus
TypeAmunGaian (Estuarine Thermal) Garden World
Luminosity0.13 x Sol
Distance from Sol2637 ly
Colonised6905 AT
PlanetNui Spiridonia
Radius6004 km
Gravity0.95 gees
Semimajor Axis0.38 AU
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Text by Todd Drashner
Additional material by The Astronomer and Steve Bowers
Initially published on 22 December 2001.