The civilized galaxy's version of Old Earth duct tape.

This material is a 100-layer thick 'fabric' of heavily interconnected nanomachines, which can be set to either adhere to an object via van der Waals forces (gecko-style), mechanical or chemical bonds, or to maintain shape. Typically it is easily and cleanly released with a simple energy signature pattern, clearly marked on the 'outside' of the material.

Note that ReSeal was the original copyrighted name. Much like the terms Kleenex or Jell-O of the Information Age, it has come into common use for this class of product.

In the early days of its creation, it was recommended a user not trust a bond between different makes of ReSeal under high-stress situations, such as repairing leaks or containing pressure. The Destrada Incident underlined this problem, and indirectly lead to the formation of the NAB.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 16 February 2003.