Monster created in real life from a virtual original

Image from Steve Bowers
An excessively monstrous or exotic reling entity, usually existing only for a short time before they are destroyed by the physical limitations of the ril.

Often a relmonster is a creature extracted from, or inspired by, a cheap virch horror, thriller or combat scenario. Such a creature may escape (or be deliberately released) and cause havoc and destruction in a populated environment. These creatures may be at large for an arbitrary period before being destroyed by local citizens or defence systems, or simply malfunction due to poor design or physical limitations.

Production of dangerous relmonsters is illegal in most jurisdictions and the virtual designers are often punished by erasure or indefinite storage. Nevertheless, a small but significant number of relmonsters escape, even in the Current Era, and an even smaller number remain at large.
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Text by Jorge Ditchkenberg
amended by Steve Bowers 2017
Initially published on 24 September 2004.