Garden World currently in the midst of an Ice Age

Image from Steve Bowers
Twin drone-ships survey the northern continent on Remagar

Star: JD 6630205-1
Stellar Type: G8Vp
Distance from Sol: 3701 ly
Constellation: Taurus
Colonised: 8822 AT
Planetary Type: GaianTundral Subtype with indigenous biosphere.

Approximately 70 percent of the planetary surface is covered in glaciers. The ecosystem in the current era displays a number of unique and fascinating adaptation to local temperature extremes.

Continental arrangements that prevented oceanic currents from warming up the poles and mountain rises in temperate regions are thought to have played parts in triggering Remagar's current ice age, which began 11 million years ago.

In the Current Era, approximately 70 percent of its surface is covered in glaciers. Although the majority of the planet's biodiversity can be found taking refuge in the shallow seas in the tropical ocean band, entire ecosystems have evolved to inhabit the colder regions, adapting to the environment in intriguing ways. Particularly notable are the snowghosts, white predators adept at concealment, and floe serpents, which hide under icebergs to catch amphibious roanies.

Image from Steve Bowers
Access to the planetary surface is tightly controlled due to ecological impact considerations, but for those who can getting a Landing Permit, the skiing is some of the best in the Known Worlds. Of course any visitor who partakes of this sport is required to use a protective envirosuit or a sterile robotic body, to prevent cross-contamination with the local microbiota.
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Initially published on 08 April 2002.