Orangutans were originally an arboreal species of apes indigenous to Asia, Old Earth, where they lived in the trees of rainforests.

They were semi-solitary, living alone or in small family groups (a female and her offspring). Males were large, up to 120 kg, but females weighed about 40 kg as adults. Both sexes were covered in long orange hair; the males developed beards, moustaches, and broad cheek pouches at maturity. They lived primarily on fruit, though they did also take some soft vegetation such as new leaves, flowers, and the inner bark of trees. They became extinct in the wild due to poaching and habitat destruction during the early Information Age, but were maintained in breeding colonies.

Orangutans were successfully provolved during the late Information Age. It is thought that GAIA may have lazurogened the baseline species, even though there have been no unambiguous sightings by pilgrims to Old Earth. The largest confirmed "wild" populations of orangutans are found at Ao Lai.
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Text by Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 22 December 2004.